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Moderated membership for community?

Would everyone be OK if I switched this community to moderated membership? The main reason I ask is that we've been getting a lot of posts from Russian spammers here lately, and it's getting tiring to delete their posts.

Edit: For right now, I've set community membership to moderated. I may disable this at some point in the future, but I'm pretty good about checking my e-mail from my phone. I've also added a note describing the situation to the community profile.
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Deleted comment

That was the one that really bothered me, too. (Especially given that I've been involved in fandom communities that got shuttered by LJ for much less risqué stuff...)
Yes, please moderate.
Totally reasonable. Way better to wait a reasonable amount of time for a quality post than to endure immediate spam.

It's not like this forum is full of time-sensitive issues, so it's a totally worthwhile tradeoff.

Thank you for all your work!
that would be great. thanks for doing this
I'd be delighted if you did. Go for it.

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