Cody B. (codeman38) wrote in faceblind,
Cody B.

Re-post: Looking to interview someone w/Prosopagnosia

Reposting this from a comment on the moderated membership post because I don't think anyone's actually looking at that anymore:


My name is Heidi Brayer and I am a writer in the master's program at Carnegie Mellon University. I am writing a paper on Prosopagnosia and I was hoping to talk to someone about their experiences.

If anyone is interested in being interviewed (for about 15 minutes via telephone) please email me at Please forgive the intrusive posting.


Heidi Brayer

Edit: I'm not Heidi. I'm just reposting this for her. Please address all comments about this to the e-mail address above.
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i sent an email (and copied you) to the face blind list serve group: FACEBLIND@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG

you might also try the faceblind yahoo group:
Erm, you might want to e-mail that to Heidi - I'm just forwarding this to the group to make it more prominent, since she posted it buried in a comment thread.