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faceblind's Journal

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Face-Blindness (Prosopagnosia)
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Note that membership in this community is now moderated, due to a recent influx of spammers. Don't worry-- if you apply for membership, we'll let you through before the day's out as long as you look like a real person and not a spambot (i.e., you have an actual profile and don't follow a thousand communities). Sorry for the inconvenience, but the spam was getting really annoying, and in some cases, violated LJ's terms of service to the point that we could have gotten banned.


This is a community about prosopagnosia, or face blindness. Face blindness is a condition in which a person has great difficulty remembering faces. This may even include friends and family members that they have known for years, and is more of a disability than a mild annoyance (though different people may have it to different degrees).

Anyone interested in this can post here—people with face blindness, relatives of them, people working in the field, or people that are just interested.

NOTE: If you're not familiar with LiveJournal, try following the the word link here to see the actual postings: faceblind. Clicking on the icon will bring you to this information page. To learn more about LiveJournal, read the LiveJournal FAQ


Be polite. Do not attack people. If you post any pictures, use the lj-cut tag if they're very big. Discuss anything you want (on-topic or off). If there starts to be many messages a day, we might have to keep things more on-topic so people don't start getting too many.

Adding as an Interest:

Want to add this as one of your LiveJournal interests? Please use "face blindness" (without the quotes and without a hyphen), and optionally "prosopagnosia", so everyone is using the same term.

Quick Introduction & FAQ:

PROSOPAGNOSIA : An introduction to and FAQ about a most peculiar condition by Glenn Alperin

Online Book:

Face Blind! by Bill Choisser

Other Links:

Disability Resources: Face Blindness

Email Lists

Google Web Search

Test Yourself / Contribute to Research

Yahoo! Group FaceBlind

Google Groups (Usenet Newsgroups)

Yahoo! Category: Prosopagnosia

Google Category: Cognitive Science

Google Images

Famous people

...with face blindness: Kurt Vonnegut, Kibo, Lois Duncan, Jane Goodall; anyone know more...?

Related Conditions:

Difficulty with names is called Dysnomia

Also see Asperger's Syndrome

Maintained by:

jodawi, codeman38


Most of the interests below are related in some way to face blindness. Some of them i just threw in there for fun tho...

accents, acceptance, acting, agnosia, anime, armed forces, art, asperger's syndrome, aspergers syndrome, autism, baldness, beards, bill choisser, blindness, bodies, body language, brains, business suits, capd, casual clothes, celebrities, children, clothing, cognition, cognitive science, computers, conformity, confusion, consciousness, context, coping, dammit, dancing, dates, dating, deafness, diagnosis, difficulties, disabilities, discordianism, diseases, disorders, dress codes, emotion, employment, extroversion, extroverts, face blind, face blindness, face recognition, face-blind, face-blindness, faces, facial hair, faking it, family, features, friends, gays, genes, genetics, glbt, hair, hair codes, hair dye, hairstyles, hats, health, hearing impairments, high intelligence, homosexuality, human form, humans, identity, individuality, informality, inheritance, inherited traits, injuries, intelligence, introversion, introverts, isolation, kurt vonnegut, left, lefties, lesbianism, lesbians, lost, mannerisms, mental disorders, mental health, mind, minds, movies, mri, music, mustaches, mystery, name tags, neural science, neuropsychology, outcasts, pattern matching, pattern recognition, peers, people, photographs, photography, poetry, prosopagnosia, prosopagnosiacs, psychology, race, reading, recognition, recognizing faces, remembering, remembering faces, school, senses, sensory systems, separated, sex, sexuality, shopping, shyness, singing, sleeping, social interaction, sports, support, synaesthesia, synesthesia, tests, the human form, theater, topographic agnosia, traits, trauma, uniforms, uniqueness, unknown, vision, visions, vonnegut, wallflowers, who are you, work, writing

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